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I finally cut this. The bundle of stems is about the size of my calf and the actual bouquet is as wide as my chest. There is nowhere in our house with enough space to hang it.

I don’t have a clue what to do with it.

I have dried herbs in the past. But, I frequently leave them to get dusty rather than actually use them.

I, also, know that oregano is more flavorful dried than fresh.

Maybe I’ll spend some TV time tonight breaking it down into more rational sizes.

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Planting – April, 2015

I started Beauregard sweet potatoes a couple of months ago and have put 3 slips in my raised bed this morning.  I put 3 eyes of a Yukon Gold Irish potato in the other end.  I stuck the rest of the eyes in empty-ish places along the iris/blueberry fence row.

I had already planted nasturtium seeds in the holes in the cinder blocks along one long and one short side..

5 Arkansas Little Leaf climbing cucumbers have  gone in the center holes on the other long side.  6 bush cucumbers have gone in the other holes, 3 at each end.  One of the Arkansas Little Leafs didn’t sprout.  But the Mexican Sour Gherkins are volunteering in their holes.  I have 4 bamboo poles in holes and I have a bottom row of string ready for the cukes to begin climbing.

DSC05614I have pulled my carrots so I can plant 2 rows of the Glass Corn popcorn seeds I managed to produce last year.  I’ve put them in the middle of that bed.  The garlic needs to grow another month or so, so I’m leaving it alone.  I”ll put the jalapenos in there when they are bigger.  There are 4 spindly plants in little pots, right now.

Chuck’s carrots are bigger and more consistent, so I’ll make a huge dessert this afternoon with my multicolored ones.  I hope they keep the colors when they cook.  Purple okra doesn’t.

DSC05619 DSC05620The sunchokes are coming up like crazy, so the bees should have a nice treat this Fall.

Roses and kiwis are putting out new growth.

Dill seeds are sprouting in the herb bed.

Columbines are blooming in the front.

We have bitty plums forming and one peach.

Lilacs will not be blooming this year.  Their buds froze.

Iris buds are popping up,  And one has even opened.


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Not dead yet.

Because I can never remember, I’m making a note here.  My chives have started to come up in their pot on the deck.

DSC05187Not ready to use, yet.  But, there are intimations of flavors to come.  And, in spite of the cold, the cilantro keeps on coming back.  The red sorrel is rallying, too.

DSC05190I’m used to the thymes, rosemary and sage making it through the winter.   I wasn’t sure about the cilantro and sorrel, since I haven’t grown them before.  And I can never remember when the chives revive.

I intend to plant dill, parsley and basil when it warms up.  But, I’ve only got so much space in the herb bed.    Basil has done well in the holes around the raised beds in the past.  I am inclined to do that again.  Dill and parsley are both biennials, so I need to choose a permanent place for them.  When I pass some cilantro plants along to friends, I may have room for both of them in the bed.

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Garlic harvest!!

The German Red hardneck garlic is seriously behind the softneck varieties.  So, it didn’t get harvested today.  And I don’t expect to bother growing it again because one clove never made a plant at all. So, I’m not very enthusiastic about it.

German Red garlic

German Red garlic, still in the ground.

But, the Red Toch

Oops.  I'm too triflin' to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

Oops. I’m too triflin’ to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

And the California Early

California Early garlicare just gorgeous.  And huge.

Red Toch with a quarterThat’s a quarter next to the Red Toch I pulled last week because I couldn’t stand waiting any longer.  I expect I’ll be cooking with it tonight.

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Yule planting

I found fresh turmeric and ginger at the Company Shops Market, last week.  I dropped them both in some water to keep them fresh until I could get them planted.  Yesterday, Chuck picked up a pot and some dirt for it.  Today, I put the ginger in the new, fancy, terra cotta pot and the turmeric in the old, plain, terra cotta pot.  If everything goes according to plan, they should be ready to begin  harvesting on or around September 15.

While he was shopping for me, he got some compost to top dress our raised beds and planted lettuce and arugula in the fallow bed.  We think the excessive rain is the cause of our salad bed wasting away to nothing.  Last year’s lettuce crop was so extravagant, needing to replant is something of a shock.

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Plottin’ and schemin’

I was at one of the co-ops I use a couple of months ago and they had fresh turmeric in the produce section.  I was astounded.  I had never seen it fresh before, only ever dried and ground.  I was taken aback, to say the least.  It looked like dark orange ginger.  But I didn’t have any particular idea what I would do with it so I didn’t buy any.  But, now I know what kind of plant it is.

A friend of ours commented that his wife had grown ginger this year and I had seen notices about ginger growing workshops in our area, so I know it can be done in this part of the world.

Then, this link popped up on my FaceBook Timeline.  http://www.howtogrowstuff.com/how-to-grow-ginger/ 

It just so happens that I have a couple  of large, ornamental flowerpots that aren’t in use and I’m thinking that turmeric will grow the same way ginger does.  So, I believe I will plant ginger in one pot and, if I can still find fresh, turmeric in another one.

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