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In 2013, Marty gave us some black raspberry canes.  They have pretty much crowded out the wild blackberries that were growing at the edge of our treeline.

This year, I found yellow raspberries for sale at Lowe’s and I bought one.

I was digging up black raspberries to share with coworkers and mentioned that to my friend, Patti, who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She had just been given some thornless raspberries by a Garden Club friend.  We arranged a trade.  Hers came to her from Vermont.  We assume they are red.

I am really hoping to have all 3 colors producing in a year or 2.

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My little peach

Last summer we had some delicious peaches.  I stuck 14 pits in one of the potato dirt bags after reading around on the internet to see what would actually work.  They need opportunity to freeze.

Two sprouted and, because I’m not always the sharpest tack in the box, I killed one.  I didn’t recognize its tiny leaves and thought it was a weed.  The sacrifice of the one saved the life of the other, however.  And it has been moved to a pot my cat isn’t tempted to sleep on.


I realize that it looks tiny in that huge pot, but I don’t expect to move it for a few years.

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Planting – April, 2015

I started Beauregard sweet potatoes a couple of months ago and have put 3 slips in my raised bed this morning.  I put 3 eyes of a Yukon Gold Irish potato in the other end.  I stuck the rest of the eyes in empty-ish places along the iris/blueberry fence row.

I had already planted nasturtium seeds in the holes in the cinder blocks along one long and one short side..

5 Arkansas Little Leaf climbing cucumbers have  gone in the center holes on the other long side.  6 bush cucumbers have gone in the other holes, 3 at each end.  One of the Arkansas Little Leafs didn’t sprout.  But the Mexican Sour Gherkins are volunteering in their holes.  I have 4 bamboo poles in holes and I have a bottom row of string ready for the cukes to begin climbing.

DSC05614I have pulled my carrots so I can plant 2 rows of the Glass Corn popcorn seeds I managed to produce last year.  I’ve put them in the middle of that bed.  The garlic needs to grow another month or so, so I’m leaving it alone.  I”ll put the jalapenos in there when they are bigger.  There are 4 spindly plants in little pots, right now.

Chuck’s carrots are bigger and more consistent, so I’ll make a huge dessert this afternoon with my multicolored ones.  I hope they keep the colors when they cook.  Purple okra doesn’t.

DSC05619 DSC05620The sunchokes are coming up like crazy, so the bees should have a nice treat this Fall.

Roses and kiwis are putting out new growth.

Dill seeds are sprouting in the herb bed.

Columbines are blooming in the front.

We have bitty plums forming and one peach.

Lilacs will not be blooming this year.  Their buds froze.

Iris buds are popping up,  And one has even opened.


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I have had blueberries and black raspberries on my granola for 2 mornings.

The Delight variety of blueberries is ripening first and has large fruit.  It is the second bush from the end.

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Tending the orchard

Actually, we mostly haven’t.   And I have been reminded via a post by Chris Condello, that fruit trees don’t grow in vacuums and need tending.

So, I did  a search, found a useful article that appears to be very straightforward and am planting it here so I can retrieve it easily.

It is Training and Pruning Fruit Trees by the NC State Agricultural Extension Service.  Since we are in North Carolina, it makes sense that they would have information particularly useful to us.

We have Mark Shepard‘s Restoration Agriculture, read by Chuck but not by me, yet.  Apparently, peaches and plums don’t get the same treatment as pears and apples.  Time to read.


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Last year, Chuck learned that there are cold hardy kiwis and he ordered 2 from Willis Orchard Company.  

He used the fence for the support.  I already had a little cloned lilac from the National Phenology Network growing on the other side of the fence, but it was small and he didn’t notice it.  I hope they don’t argue with each other.

Arctic kiwi vines

The kiwis spent 2012 establishing roots.  They didn’t put out much new growth above ground, but there was enough to see that they were healthy.  This year, they are making vines.  So, next year we should have fruit.

We got one of each variety, but don’t remember which is which.  Looking at the Willis page, we may be able to tell from the fruit.


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Last year, my friend Ursula gave me some passionfruit shoots.  Apparently, they spread easily here.   I’ve been curious to see what color ours turned out to be because they come in huge variety of shades.

Ours look like this:

Passion flower

I am delighted to see that we can expect fruit this soon, since the kiwis are just teasing and it has taken years to get enough from the blueberries to really count on them.

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My friend, Ursula, gave me some passion flower vines last year.  They didn’t do much but they didn’t die either.  There are 2 vines beginning to come up by the fence at the end of the roses.  I am making this post so I will remember when to expect them next year.  I’m looking forward to fruit.

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