In 2013, Marty gave us some black raspberry canes.  They have pretty much crowded out the wild blackberries that were growing at the edge of our treeline.

This year, I found yellow raspberries for sale at Lowe’s and I bought one.

I was digging up black raspberries to share with coworkers and mentioned that to my friend, Patti, who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She had just been given some thornless raspberries by a Garden Club friend.  We arranged a trade.  Hers came to her from Vermont.  We assume they are red.

I am really hoping to have all 3 colors producing in a year or 2.


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Hamby pole beans!!

My Nanny (paternal grandmother) was a constant gardener. She canned or preserved anything she had enough of to put in a jar. When my uncle was situated with a yard big enough to plant in, he followed her example. His uncle, her brother, used to get bean seeds from a local general store to send to his nephew in Nashville, TN.

When Nanny died, we pulled out all the things she had put by and everybody got an equal portion. Except, she had taught me how to make pickles. So, I traded my pickles for quarts of beans. And had no more for 2 decades.

Four years ago, I called that general store to see if they still carried Hamby bean seeds. My uncle’s garden was gone as his dementia progressed and his uncle had been gone almost as long as his sister. And they do. They don’t usually sell the little hobby garden size package, but they sold me a quarter pound of seeds. They weren’t (maybe still aren’t) set up to take a credit card. So, they sent the seeds to me with a bill enclosed, trusting me to send a check back to them.

(Of course I did. Shut up.)

My dad, never a gardener, has been delighted with the flavor of his past, when I share.

Hambys are pole beans and have a fairly short production period. But, they put out like crazy for for the 3 or 4 weeks they do put out. They are a great, meaty bean and the seeds turn lavender when you cook them.

We have 4 tepees this year and this is our first harvest.


Yes. I’m bragging. Whatever.


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Tea bushes.

They are bigger, but not huge. One died, so there are only three. I haven’t tried harvesting anything yet. But I’m continually delighted when they blossom.

Buds are forming.




I know they are camellias. But, it tickles me to see the proof of it.

I took this last September.

I took this last September.

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I think this is about a quarter of the nuts that we will get from our bushes. The rest are still green.

I think we need to plant some straight into the ground around the rest of the border of the labyrinth. It looks like they do best when messed with the least.

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My little peach!


Planning to get this is the ground soon. I’m very pleased with myself.

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I finally cut this. The bundle of stems is about the size of my calf and the actual bouquet is as wide as my chest. There is nowhere in our house with enough space to hang it.

I don’t have a clue what to do with it.

I have dried herbs in the past. But, I frequently leave them to get dusty rather than actually use them.

I, also, know that oregano is more flavorful dried than fresh.

Maybe I’ll spend some TV time tonight breaking it down into more rational sizes.

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Canning beans.

New rule for Kitty.  Putting it here so I can’t possibly forget.

Beans get frozen.  ONLY frozen.  I have ruined 2 seasons of Hamby beans trying to keep them in jars.

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