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Planting – April, 2015

I started Beauregard sweet potatoes a couple of months ago and have put 3 slips in my raised bed this morning.  I put 3 eyes of a Yukon Gold Irish potato in the other end.  I stuck the rest of the eyes in empty-ish places along the iris/blueberry fence row.

I had already planted nasturtium seeds in the holes in the cinder blocks along one long and one short side..

5 Arkansas Little Leaf climbing cucumbers have  gone in the center holes on the other long side.  6 bush cucumbers have gone in the other holes, 3 at each end.  One of the Arkansas Little Leafs didn’t sprout.  But the Mexican Sour Gherkins are volunteering in their holes.  I have 4 bamboo poles in holes and I have a bottom row of string ready for the cukes to begin climbing.

DSC05614I have pulled my carrots so I can plant 2 rows of the Glass Corn popcorn seeds I managed to produce last year.  I’ve put them in the middle of that bed.  The garlic needs to grow another month or so, so I’m leaving it alone.  I”ll put the jalapenos in there when they are bigger.  There are 4 spindly plants in little pots, right now.

Chuck’s carrots are bigger and more consistent, so I’ll make a huge dessert this afternoon with my multicolored ones.  I hope they keep the colors when they cook.  Purple okra doesn’t.

DSC05619 DSC05620The sunchokes are coming up like crazy, so the bees should have a nice treat this Fall.

Roses and kiwis are putting out new growth.

Dill seeds are sprouting in the herb bed.

Columbines are blooming in the front.

We have bitty plums forming and one peach.

Lilacs will not be blooming this year.  Their buds froze.

Iris buds are popping up,  And one has even opened.



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Sweet Potatoes

I have started my sweet potato slips for 2015.

I always have some “fingerling” sweet potatoes left over from a harvest. In 2013, I was able to bake them and have 5 cups of sweet potato ready to use later.  In 2014, the harvest was slim and there were only a half a dozen.

As I left them lying around waiting for an inspiration for what to do with them, one started to sprout.  So, I stuck it in a jar of water with some toothpicks and it is making green.  When they are 3 of 4 inches tall, I’ll pop them off the potato and straight into the water to form roots.  Then, I’ll have them ready for planting after the last frost.

Now, the rest have little sproutlets.  I wonder who I can give them to.

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Potato bags are a waste of time and money

DSC03085Remember the abundance we had last year?

This is the total for this year.

I’ll be planting in the ground from now on.

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Tastiness abounding

We have tomatoes galore.  I have canned 2 pints of Romas and have been eating Bulgarians on sandwiches.  I have used the Russian Black Tulas in salads.  And we have been eating the cherry tomatoes jut as snacks.

I love summer.

We planted less okra this year, so we are only eating it every 3 or 4 days.  I think this means we are less likely to get foundered on them.

The sweet potatoes are healthy with one potato trying to peek out of the dirt.

The turmeric is healthy.

A friend had a piece of ginger starting to grow a root.  I traded it for a piece of ginger that I bought withOUT a root growing and it put out green in about a week.

We have apples ripening.  The lovely red is visible from inside the house.

I think I got the second planting of Yukon Golds in the ground too late.  The first planting froze and the second has hardly any green.

There are nuts on 3 or 4 of the hazelnut bushes.  The rest appear to be males.  Dammit.

The berries are done.  It was a great year for them and I am sated.

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Potato check in

The weather this Winter and Spring has been brutal.  After I felt safe about the temperature and  planted any number of things, we got a lovely hard freeze.  In particular, my potatoes were nipped.  Because the bags that I planted the sweet potatoes in were far too heavy to bring in, I couldn’t even try to save those.

The white potatoes were totally destroyed.   Two of the sweet potato slips have come back after freezing to the ground.  The sweet potato piece with roots is dead.  So, I should get sweet potatoes from one bag.

We had a Yukon Gold potato on the table that never got eaten before 4 very healthy eyes developed and I put them in the ground yesterday.


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Sweet potato project

I am experimenting with how I prefer to grow sweet potatoes, this year.

Putting them in the ground worked.  But, they weren’t as easy to harvest as the white potatoes are.  A couple of the big ones broke when I was digging them out.  So, I conclude that they aren’t as good a choice to plant in my NC clay as white potatoes.  Also, the bed I used is next to the fence where the Round-up happy neighbor lives and they vine.

Among the gardening catalogs that show up toward the end of every winter, Chuck spotted Potato Grow Bags from Gardeners Supply.  We we debated and pondered.  I, finally, decided that it was worth trying them on the deck where the vines can wander through the rails and they won’t be in a brick when it’s time to dig them out.

We got 2 of the 18″ X 18″ bags and it took a full yard of dirt to fill each one.  I put slips in the one on the left,


and half the potato with serious roots on the right.

rooted potato

In the ground, last year, I couldn’t tell if one way to start was better than the other.   This should allow me to decide.


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I’m about to have garlic.


And I”m about to have salad.


But, the Japanese sweet potatoes are not happening.  Beauregard it is.

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