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Planting – April, 2015

I started Beauregard sweet potatoes a couple of months ago and have put 3 slips in my raised bed this morning.  I put 3 eyes of a Yukon Gold Irish potato in the other end.  I stuck the rest of the eyes in empty-ish places along the iris/blueberry fence row.

I had already planted nasturtium seeds in the holes in the cinder blocks along one long and one short side..

5 Arkansas Little Leaf climbing cucumbers have  gone in the center holes on the other long side.  6 bush cucumbers have gone in the other holes, 3 at each end.  One of the Arkansas Little Leafs didn’t sprout.  But the Mexican Sour Gherkins are volunteering in their holes.  I have 4 bamboo poles in holes and I have a bottom row of string ready for the cukes to begin climbing.

DSC05614I have pulled my carrots so I can plant 2 rows of the Glass Corn popcorn seeds I managed to produce last year.  I’ve put them in the middle of that bed.  The garlic needs to grow another month or so, so I’m leaving it alone.  I”ll put the jalapenos in there when they are bigger.  There are 4 spindly plants in little pots, right now.

Chuck’s carrots are bigger and more consistent, so I’ll make a huge dessert this afternoon with my multicolored ones.  I hope they keep the colors when they cook.  Purple okra doesn’t.

DSC05619 DSC05620The sunchokes are coming up like crazy, so the bees should have a nice treat this Fall.

Roses and kiwis are putting out new growth.

Dill seeds are sprouting in the herb bed.

Columbines are blooming in the front.

We have bitty plums forming and one peach.

Lilacs will not be blooming this year.  Their buds froze.

Iris buds are popping up,  And one has even opened.



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I planted Jerusalem artichokes around February.  Today, I noticed that they are blooming.

I’ll add a picture later when my camera has charged.



This is what they look like blooming.  at first look, very similar to the swamp sunflowers by the shed and on the side of the house, but with different leaves and very different roots.  Also, slightly different bloom times.


This is what the sunchokes look like up close.


And this is the swamp sunflowers.  They are just starting to form buds.

Both plants are great to feed pollinators at the end of Summer and in the Fall.  Both freeze to the ground in Winter.  Both are very tall and flower heavily with yellow blossoms.

Only one will feed you.


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Winter gardening and garlic

Sunday, Chuck cleared out the dead remains of the Fall garden.  The Arctic Vortex and the following cold have totally decimated our crops.  He replanted cabbage, kale and chard and planted new lettuce mix seeds that we got from the Sow True rack at Weaver Street Market.  He planted some pumpkin seeds in one of the covered beds as an experiment.

The garlic and carrots appear to be OK.  The turnips may be OK.  The beets look like they’re done in.

And, speaking of garlic, the German Red seems to be the least successful, here.  Only one bulb is  showing any green.  The other varieties look healthy, though still small.

I was given some sunchokes/Jerusalem artichokes by a friend and got some of those in the ground on January 17.  Since they are perennial, can be harvested all winter and get sweeter as they linger in the ground, I figured that there is no wrong time to put them in the dirt.

Lastly, I found a nice resource for seeds. It is a useful list of  230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds.

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