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Seeds to plant again

We’re saving seeds, but I’m also trying to keep track of the names of the varieties we like.

Okra – Emerald, All purpose, never woody  (truth)

Pole beans – Hamby

Bush beans – Romano

Tomatoes – Tula (Black Russian), Roma, Cherry Sweetie

Cantaloupe – Honey Rock

Potato – Yukon Gold

Summer Spinach – Malabar  (smaller leaf and less bitterness than New Zealand)  and we don’t need to plant a lot because it’s prolific,

On the what NOT to plant list, we have decided that we don’t like yellow summer squash, zucchini or spaghetti squash enough to give up the garden space for any of them.  We can buy a little bit from the farmers’ market and be satisfied.

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My friend, Ursula, gave me some passion flower vines last year.  They didn’t do much but they didn’t die either.  There are 2 vines beginning to come up by the fence at the end of the roses.  I am making this post so I will remember when to expect them next year.  I’m looking forward to fruit.

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Weed killer

Mix 1 gallon of vinegar with 1 cup of epsom salt and a tablespoon of liquid soap.  The soap helps it cling to the leaves.

It works better on broad leaf plants but doesn’t affect some grasses if you use table salt.. Epsom salt kills grass, too. ‘Though more slowly.

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Permaculture reminders from FB

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Tricking bees

Useful information found at The BioBees forum

Hives can be moved even a relatively short distance if the entrance in the new position is covered with a few branches/leaves. In effect, it is as if a tree has fallen over and the bees living inside it need to re-orientate to a slightly new position.

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Reminding myself

From Philip Chandler, the Barefoot Beekeeper, in the BioBees forums:

A good general principle with bees is – if in doubt, do nothing. More often than not, the bees are doing what needs to be done. The exceptions are almost always when they are trying to correct a situation created by a human.

BTW – sorry to correct you, Barbara, but a queen is three days in the egg, five as a larva and seven to eight sealed inside pupating, for a total of 15-16 days to emergence. She will usually mate 5-10 days after emergence, but it can be longer if the weather is unsuitable.

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Just say “No”

I went to a mushroom workshop yesterday.  And the most important thing I learned is that I have enough on my plate.

With mushrooms, it’s kind of all or nothing.  You can get a $20 kit from the co-op and have a little thing going on in your kitchen.  Or you can invest some serious time into growing fungi on logs and in wood chips or straw and have some serious mycology happening.

I really didn’t see any place for some.

So, I have a log with spawn plugged in it and the knowledge that bees, fruit trees, vegetable beds, flowers, herbs and potential chickens is probably enough.

I expect I’ll get mushrooms a couple of times  a year for a couple of years and then I’ll be done.

Hopefully, there will be good mushrooms showing up at local farmers markets fairly soon.  The guys that did the workshop have a spot at Carrboro on Wednesdays, so that is a good start.


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Trapping out bees

I found an interesting blog post this morning.  Don’t know that we’ll ever need this information, but I’m saving it here, just in case.

Trapping out bees in a cinder block wall.


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