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I harvested turmeric yesterday and gave a piece to Trey for his sunroom.

August 29 plus 265 days equals what?  Middle of May?  Ginger should be ready then.

Turmeric in a pot

Turmeric in a pot

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Tastiness abounding

We have tomatoes galore.  I have canned 2 pints of Romas and have been eating Bulgarians on sandwiches.  I have used the Russian Black Tulas in salads.  And we have been eating the cherry tomatoes jut as snacks.

I love summer.

We planted less okra this year, so we are only eating it every 3 or 4 days.  I think this means we are less likely to get foundered on them.

The sweet potatoes are healthy with one potato trying to peek out of the dirt.

The turmeric is healthy.

A friend had a piece of ginger starting to grow a root.  I traded it for a piece of ginger that I bought withOUT a root growing and it put out green in about a week.

We have apples ripening.  The lovely red is visible from inside the house.

I think I got the second planting of Yukon Golds in the ground too late.  The first planting froze and the second has hardly any green.

There are nuts on 3 or 4 of the hazelnut bushes.  The rest appear to be males.  Dammit.

The berries are done.  It was a great year for them and I am sated.

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Spices update

The ginger is dead, dead, dead and crying won’t bring it back.  I decided to give it a look since I was seeing no evidence of growth and what I found was a hollow skin.  How weird is that?


BUT, the turmeric has a leaf.


So far, I’m batting .500.

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My ginger and turmeric pots show no signs of life.  Except a volunteer basil and the purslane that seems to pop up from every pot that has ever been on our deck in the turmeric pot.  I was moving the basil and purslane into a pot to give to a friend and found the turmeric root.  It is still healthy looking and has a little toe of white coming out.

So, I’m continuing to water the pots and trying to remain patient.

I do wish I would see a little green, though.

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Yule planting

I found fresh turmeric and ginger at the Company Shops Market, last week.  I dropped them both in some water to keep them fresh until I could get them planted.  Yesterday, Chuck picked up a pot and some dirt for it.  Today, I put the ginger in the new, fancy, terra cotta pot and the turmeric in the old, plain, terra cotta pot.  If everything goes according to plan, they should be ready to begin  harvesting on or around September 15.

While he was shopping for me, he got some compost to top dress our raised beds and planted lettuce and arugula in the fallow bed.  We think the excessive rain is the cause of our salad bed wasting away to nothing.  Last year’s lettuce crop was so extravagant, needing to replant is something of a shock.

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Plottin’ and schemin’

I was at one of the co-ops I use a couple of months ago and they had fresh turmeric in the produce section.  I was astounded.  I had never seen it fresh before, only ever dried and ground.  I was taken aback, to say the least.  It looked like dark orange ginger.  But I didn’t have any particular idea what I would do with it so I didn’t buy any.  But, now I know what kind of plant it is.

A friend of ours commented that his wife had grown ginger this year and I had seen notices about ginger growing workshops in our area, so I know it can be done in this part of the world.

Then, this link popped up on my FaceBook Timeline. 

It just so happens that I have a couple  of large, ornamental flowerpots that aren’t in use and I’m thinking that turmeric will grow the same way ginger does.  So, I believe I will plant ginger in one pot and, if I can still find fresh, turmeric in another one.

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