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Garlic harvest!!

The German Red hardneck garlic is seriously behind the softneck varieties.  So, it didn’t get harvested today.  And I don’t expect to bother growing it again because one clove never made a plant at all. So, I’m not very enthusiastic about it.

German Red garlic

German Red garlic, still in the ground.

But, the Red Toch

Oops.  I'm too triflin' to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

Oops. I’m too triflin’ to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

And the California Early

California Early garlicare just gorgeous.  And huge.

Red Toch with a quarterThat’s a quarter next to the Red Toch I pulled last week because I couldn’t stand waiting any longer.  I expect I’ll be cooking with it tonight.


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I’m about to have garlic.


And I”m about to have salad.


But, the Japanese sweet potatoes are not happening.  Beauregard it is.

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Winter gardening and garlic

Sunday, Chuck cleared out the dead remains of the Fall garden.  The Arctic Vortex and the following cold have totally decimated our crops.  He replanted cabbage, kale and chard and planted new lettuce mix seeds that we got from the Sow True rack at Weaver Street Market.  He planted some pumpkin seeds in one of the covered beds as an experiment.

The garlic and carrots appear to be OK.  The turnips may be OK.  The beets look like they’re done in.

And, speaking of garlic, the German Red seems to be the least successful, here.  Only one bulb is  showing any green.  The other varieties look healthy, though still small.

I was given some sunchokes/Jerusalem artichokes by a friend and got some of those in the ground on January 17.  Since they are perennial, can be harvested all winter and get sweeter as they linger in the ground, I figured that there is no wrong time to put them in the dirt.

Lastly, I found a nice resource for seeds. It is a useful list of  230+ companies supplying heirloom / non-GMO / organic seeds.

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I planted garlic today!!  I’m very excited.   (I’m always excited when I plant stuff.)

Sow True Seeds has been advertising their garlic starts.  I had it in my head that when we were in Asheville this week I would pick some up.  But, on October 8th, they Tweeted that they were running through their supply and expected to be down to a single variety pretty soon.  So, I called and ordered 3 varieties for them to hold for me until I could pick them up at the retail location

I got the Sampler, which was one hardneck and one softneck variety, and a softneck that intrigued me. The varieties are Red Toch (1/2 lb.), California Early and German Red (1/4 lb. each).  The German Red is the hardneck.

Because I really didn’t think I needed a pound of garlic cloves, I have divided them into 4 packages, planting one in our winter lettuce bed and planning to give the same amount to 3 gardening friends.

The Red Toch (9 cloves)  is across the back and halfway up the left side of the bed.  The California Early (5) comes the rest of the way up the side.  The German Red (4) goes across the top (house end) of the bed.

These are the instructions that came with the garlic.


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