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I finally cut this. The bundle of stems is about the size of my calf and the actual bouquet is as wide as my chest. There is nowhere in our house with enough space to hang it.

I don’t have a clue what to do with it.

I have dried herbs in the past. But, I frequently leave them to get dusty rather than actually use them.

I, also, know that oregano is more flavorful dried than fresh.

Maybe I’ll spend some TV time tonight breaking it down into more rational sizes.

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Not dead yet.

Because I can never remember, I’m making a note here.  My chives have started to come up in their pot on the deck.

DSC05187Not ready to use, yet.  But, there are intimations of flavors to come.  And, in spite of the cold, the cilantro keeps on coming back.  The red sorrel is rallying, too.

DSC05190I’m used to the thymes, rosemary and sage making it through the winter.   I wasn’t sure about the cilantro and sorrel, since I haven’t grown them before.  And I can never remember when the chives revive.

I intend to plant dill, parsley and basil when it warms up.  But, I’ve only got so much space in the herb bed.    Basil has done well in the holes around the raised beds in the past.  I am inclined to do that again.  Dill and parsley are both biennials, so I need to choose a permanent place for them.  When I pass some cilantro plants along to friends, I may have room for both of them in the bed.

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I harvested turmeric yesterday and gave a piece to Trey for his sunroom.

August 29 plus 265 days equals what?  Middle of May?  Ginger should be ready then.

Turmeric in a pot

Turmeric in a pot

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Tastiness abounding

We have tomatoes galore.  I have canned 2 pints of Romas and have been eating Bulgarians on sandwiches.  I have used the Russian Black Tulas in salads.  And we have been eating the cherry tomatoes jut as snacks.

I love summer.

We planted less okra this year, so we are only eating it every 3 or 4 days.  I think this means we are less likely to get foundered on them.

The sweet potatoes are healthy with one potato trying to peek out of the dirt.

The turmeric is healthy.

A friend had a piece of ginger starting to grow a root.  I traded it for a piece of ginger that I bought withOUT a root growing and it put out green in about a week.

We have apples ripening.  The lovely red is visible from inside the house.

I think I got the second planting of Yukon Golds in the ground too late.  The first planting froze and the second has hardly any green.

There are nuts on 3 or 4 of the hazelnut bushes.  The rest appear to be males.  Dammit.

The berries are done.  It was a great year for them and I am sated.

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Spices update

The ginger is dead, dead, dead and crying won’t bring it back.  I decided to give it a look since I was seeing no evidence of growth and what I found was a hollow skin.  How weird is that?


BUT, the turmeric has a leaf.


So far, I’m batting .500.

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Garlic harvest!!

The German Red hardneck garlic is seriously behind the softneck varieties.  So, it didn’t get harvested today.  And I don’t expect to bother growing it again because one clove never made a plant at all. So, I’m not very enthusiastic about it.

German Red garlic

German Red garlic, still in the ground.

But, the Red Toch

Oops.  I'm too triflin' to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

Oops. I’m too triflin’ to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

And the California Early

California Early garlicare just gorgeous.  And huge.

Red Toch with a quarterThat’s a quarter next to the Red Toch I pulled last week because I couldn’t stand waiting any longer.  I expect I’ll be cooking with it tonight.

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My ginger and turmeric pots show no signs of life.  Except a volunteer basil and the purslane that seems to pop up from every pot that has ever been on our deck in the turmeric pot.  I was moving the basil and purslane into a pot to give to a friend and found the turmeric root.  It is still healthy looking and has a little toe of white coming out.

So, I’m continuing to water the pots and trying to remain patient.

I do wish I would see a little green, though.

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