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Potato bags are a waste of time and money

DSC03085Remember the abundance we had last year?

This is the total for this year.

I’ll be planting in the ground from now on.

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I have had blueberries and black raspberries on my granola for 2 mornings.

The Delight variety of blueberries is ripening first and has large fruit.  It is the second bush from the end.

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Of all the beets planted, only one made it through the Polar Vortices this winter.  We are having it for dinner tonight.  It was a chiogga.



Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it tasted any less like a beet.  Chioggas don’t have a lighter taste just because they are striped instead of being burgundy.  And the only way I eat them is roasted.  I think pickled beets are foul.

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Garlic harvest!!

The German Red hardneck garlic is seriously behind the softneck varieties.  So, it didn’t get harvested today.  And I don’t expect to bother growing it again because one clove never made a plant at all. So, I’m not very enthusiastic about it.

German Red garlic

German Red garlic, still in the ground.

But, the Red Toch

Oops.  I'm too triflin' to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

Oops. I’m too triflin’ to take a another picture without my shadow in it.

And the California Early

California Early garlicare just gorgeous.  And huge.

Red Toch with a quarterThat’s a quarter next to the Red Toch I pulled last week because I couldn’t stand waiting any longer.  I expect I’ll be cooking with it tonight.

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Truly Beauregard

Truly Beauregard

I couldn’t wait.

And, as a point of reference.  That bowl is about 14″ in diameter.  The longest potato is more than 10″ long.

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Poe Tay Toes


This is what I found when I scrabbled in the ground around the half of the potato plants that have already shriveled.  There are still 5 plants unharvested.

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Blueberries are looking good.

This is what one of the Arkansas Black apple trees looks like, now.  If I put up a photo of the other one, you couldn’t be sure it wasn’t the same tree so I’m not going to.

These are the more prolific blueberries.  Looks we’re finally getting fruit after 4 years.  I just found teh list I had made of the blueberry varieties when I put them in in 2009.  Coming up the fence from the shed, they are Bright Eyes (a gift from Ann), Delight, Misty, Climax, Misty, Bright Blue and Misty.

(Edit: Chuck reminded me that Bright Blue was wiped out by the mulch guy and replaced with another Misty.  Misty has very small berries.  I should have recognized it.)


And because who ever thought of potatoes blooming, here’s a picture.

Yukon Gold blossoms

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