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Checking on the fruit

We had a couple of nasty ice storms, this winter, and some nights of single digits, too.  So, we lost  some winter crops in the raised beds and a Bradford pear tree at the end of the driveway.  I don’t regret the loss of the fruitless pear.  I know they grow fast and are a boon to contractors, but I think I fruit tree that won’t bear is a waste of space.   Because we lost that Bradford, I’m hoping the real pear I planted in that tree line will have a better chance this year.

It had a tall spike of a trunk.  I cut it out a couple of days ago so that it would aim its growth outward, where I can actually reach any fruit that survives the deer.  I dipped it in some rooting hormone and then in a pot of good, composty dirt.  I don’t really expect to get a tree from it, but it didn’t cost me anything to try.

The Santa Rosa plum, to the right of the front door is covered in blossoms.  The elephant heart plum by the driveway, isn’t as full, but still looks promising.  The peach has blossoms, too.  The apples have no buds, yet.  The sour cherry had buds all over, but nothing has actually opened.

The kiwis are still dormant and the passionfruit is, too.  But, there are buds all over all the blueberries.

The crabapple tree is covered in young leaves, not fully emerged, and I don’t see any flower buds.  That tree has never bloomed.  How does a crabapple never bloom?  I’ve never seen such a thing in my life.  And I got it to pollinate an apple tree that has since died and been replaced by two others, so I really find the lack of blossoms ridiculous.

Spring is creeping in and I am loving it.

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Last year, my friend Ursula gave me some passionfruit shoots.  Apparently, they spread easily here.   I’ve been curious to see what color ours turned out to be because they come in huge variety of shades.

Ours look like this:

Passion flower

I am delighted to see that we can expect fruit this soon, since the kiwis are just teasing and it has taken years to get enough from the blueberries to really count on them.

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My friend, Ursula, gave me some passion flower vines last year.  They didn’t do much but they didn’t die either.  There are 2 vines beginning to come up by the fence at the end of the roses.  I am making this post so I will remember when to expect them next year.  I’m looking forward to fruit.

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