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Last year, Chuck learned that there are cold hardy kiwis and he ordered 2 from Willis Orchard Company.  

He used the fence for the support.  I already had a little cloned lilac from the National Phenology Network growing on the other side of the fence, but it was small and he didn’t notice it.  I hope they don’t argue with each other.

Arctic kiwi vines

The kiwis spent 2012 establishing roots.  They didn’t put out much new growth above ground, but there was enough to see that they were healthy.  This year, they are making vines.  So, next year we should have fruit.

We got one of each variety, but don’t remember which is which.  Looking at the Willis page, we may be able to tell from the fruit.


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Last year, my friend Ursula gave me some passionfruit shoots.  Apparently, they spread easily here.   I’ve been curious to see what color ours turned out to be because they come in huge variety of shades.

Ours look like this:

Passion flower

I am delighted to see that we can expect fruit this soon, since the kiwis are just teasing and it has taken years to get enough from the blueberries to really count on them.

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My friend, Ursula, gave me some passion flower vines last year.  They didn’t do much but they didn’t die either.  There are 2 vines beginning to come up by the fence at the end of the roses.  I am making this post so I will remember when to expect them next year.  I’m looking forward to fruit.

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Blueberries are looking good.

This is what one of the Arkansas Black apple trees looks like, now.  If I put up a photo of the other one, you couldn’t be sure it wasn’t the same tree so I’m not going to.

These are the more prolific blueberries.  Looks we’re finally getting fruit after 4 years.  I just found teh list I had made of the blueberry varieties when I put them in in 2009.  Coming up the fence from the shed, they are Bright Eyes (a gift from Ann), Delight, Misty, Climax, Misty, Bright Blue and Misty.

(Edit: Chuck reminded me that Bright Blue was wiped out by the mulch guy and replaced with another Misty.  Misty has very small berries.  I should have recognized it.)


And because who ever thought of potatoes blooming, here’s a picture.

Yukon Gold blossoms

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Blueberry harvest

This is it for this year.  All from one bush.

We started putting bushes in about 3 years ago.   We found a single variety (Misty) at Lowe’s and my friend, Ann, gave us another one for pollination purposes.  (And because she’s thoughtful like that.)  These came from the Ann bush (Bright Eyes variety).  It was already bigger than the one from Lowe’s when it got here, so, I expect it was older.

We have since added Bright Blue, Climax and Austin varieties to the row long the fence on the left side of the back yard.Whenever we order plants by mail and need to fill out an order, we get a blueberry bush.

The Bright Eyes is about hip height on me.  All the others are more like knee high.  I saw a website a couple of years ago that talked about the ages of bushes relative to when they produce, but I’m thinking that it is more size than age.


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Update May 27th

Garden status with pictures.  This one is going to be kinda long.  Showing fruit trees too.

Serious peas.  We tend to just graze on them right out of the pod like candy.

Squash and Eggplant were overpowering the Okra, so I have attempted to transplant them to the bed where the cabbage was.

Moved seven of them.  Hoping they will bounce back with a little watering.  Tomatoes and peppers in there too.  Harvested what was left of the cabbage to make room for the Okra.

Arugula and Fava beans are doing great.  Been eating arugula for a while now.

Cantaloupe is in a different location, but is coming along.  Tomatoes are still behind where I expected them to be based on the warm Spring.  They are healthy and when they do come in we are going to have way more than we can eat.

We expected our fruit trees to do better this year, especially with the new bee hives.  Most of them bloomed out very early and then the April freezes came.  We covered what we could, but I think the cold nipped them at a vulnerable time.  We had peaches starting, but they disappeared except for one sick looking one.  We have very few cherries and only a couple of damson plums on one of the three plum trees.

The orange tree, however, is looking pretty good.

Herbs in pots on the deck are doing fine.

Also picked chard and brussels sprouts today.

And yes the bees look great today, especially Isabella.  Just looked in on them.  You would never guess that hive swarmed a week ago based on the number of bees.


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I was curious to hear Randy speaking of a farm close to him that had kiwi fruit vines. I investigated and discovered arctic kiwi, which is more the size of a grape when it fruits and is eaten skin and all. They are extremely cold hardy (grown as far north as Canada) and appear to do well in sun or partial shade. They are supposed to taste like the big variety and draw butterflies and hummingbirds. Not sure about bees.

They came today by FedEx and are in the ground. They need to be supported like a grape vine and I decided to let them vine the fence.

I was “forced” to order two more blueberry bushes to meet the minimum order amount from the nursery. What a shame.

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