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Update May 27th

Garden status with pictures.  This one is going to be kinda long.  Showing fruit trees too.

Serious peas.  We tend to just graze on them right out of the pod like candy.

Squash and Eggplant were overpowering the Okra, so I have attempted to transplant them to the bed where the cabbage was.

Moved seven of them.  Hoping they will bounce back with a little watering.  Tomatoes and peppers in there too.  Harvested what was left of the cabbage to make room for the Okra.

Arugula and Fava beans are doing great.  Been eating arugula for a while now.

Cantaloupe is in a different location, but is coming along.  Tomatoes are still behind where I expected them to be based on the warm Spring.  They are healthy and when they do come in we are going to have way more than we can eat.

We expected our fruit trees to do better this year, especially with the new bee hives.  Most of them bloomed out very early and then the April freezes came.  We covered what we could, but I think the cold nipped them at a vulnerable time.  We had peaches starting, but they disappeared except for one sick looking one.  We have very few cherries and only a couple of damson plums on one of the three plum trees.

The orange tree, however, is looking pretty good.

Herbs in pots on the deck are doing fine.

Also picked chard and brussels sprouts today.

And yes the bees look great today, especially Isabella.  Just looked in on them.  You would never guess that hive swarmed a week ago based on the number of bees.


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production is happening

We will have tomatoes if we have nothing else. The plant to the left, and yes it is a single plant, is the volunteer sweet 100 from last summer. It is one of our favorites. It has needed a cage and two stakes to hold it up. We have more of that variety in the bed below along with romas, which have been abundant, and some slicers that have been slow to mature, but are starting to produce in decent numbers now.

Thinking about starting a second crop. I have two different varieties of seeds that came in form the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange , along with some fall seeds for other crops. We discovered this seed source last summer at a festival in Charlottesville, Va.

We also have cantaloupe maturing, three melons so far.

Of all the lettuce and greens we planted, the red russian kale has been the best producer. It took it some time, but it is thriving even in this heat.

The purple okra has been spotty. This one has produced it’s first pod which we picked last evening.

This is the bed where I planted cabbage, broccoli and brussel sprouts. They did nothing all spring so about three weeks ago I cut them all off. Some of them are coming back. Perhaps a late crop for early fall?

And finally some basil. The plants we put out in spring got caught in a late freeze and didn’t make it. We planted seeds and now it is in it’s full glory.

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