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More blueberries!

We decided the dismantle the labyrinth because it was a pain in the ass to maintain and it almost never got any use. In the entire time it was here, I don’t think 25 people have walked it.  But, we couldn’t just take up the rocks and let it go back to lawn because it has a hazelnut hedge around 2/3 of the outside.

Since there is going to be a circle in  the middle of the back yard one way or the other, we decided to make it a bull’s-eye.  The center will still be mulched and keep the benches.  The first ring will get the  herbs from the disassembled herb bed and whatever flowers I want that flourish in blistering sun like lilies, irises, foxgloves, crocosmia.  I don’t know what else. The next ring will be low maintenance clover.  And then, the hedge.

We decided that we really don’t need more hazelnuts, even though that means the circle of the hedge will be uneven.  So, today, we added 5 new blueberry bushes.  Like the  hazelnuts, they will be naked in the winter. And we look forward to the fruit.  (We’ve never had too many berries in life.)

We found one variety of blueberries at Lowe’s and 3 at Mebane Shrubbery.  We already had one of those (Climax) by the fence.  So, we have 3 Brightwells, a Powder Blue and a Tifblue.


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Black Raspberries

Our friend, Marty, gave us some canes last year.  We thought they were blackberries.


Black raspberries.  Chuck found an article that clarifies the difference between blackberries and black raspberries.  It’s really hard to tell when they’re waiting to be picked.

And, oh my, they are tasty.  I’m amazed by how much fruit is already ripening.



Delight is still the only bush with ripe blueberries, ‘though the other 6 have bunches of fruit waiting their turn.

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I have had blueberries and black raspberries on my granola for 2 mornings.

The Delight variety of blueberries is ripening first and has large fruit.  It is the second bush from the end.

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Checking on the fruit

We had a couple of nasty ice storms, this winter, and some nights of single digits, too.  So, we lost  some winter crops in the raised beds and a Bradford pear tree at the end of the driveway.  I don’t regret the loss of the fruitless pear.  I know they grow fast and are a boon to contractors, but I think I fruit tree that won’t bear is a waste of space.   Because we lost that Bradford, I’m hoping the real pear I planted in that tree line will have a better chance this year.

It had a tall spike of a trunk.  I cut it out a couple of days ago so that it would aim its growth outward, where I can actually reach any fruit that survives the deer.  I dipped it in some rooting hormone and then in a pot of good, composty dirt.  I don’t really expect to get a tree from it, but it didn’t cost me anything to try.

The Santa Rosa plum, to the right of the front door is covered in blossoms.  The elephant heart plum by the driveway, isn’t as full, but still looks promising.  The peach has blossoms, too.  The apples have no buds, yet.  The sour cherry had buds all over, but nothing has actually opened.

The kiwis are still dormant and the passionfruit is, too.  But, there are buds all over all the blueberries.

The crabapple tree is covered in young leaves, not fully emerged, and I don’t see any flower buds.  That tree has never bloomed.  How does a crabapple never bloom?  I’ve never seen such a thing in my life.  And I got it to pollinate an apple tree that has since died and been replaced by two others, so I really find the lack of blossoms ridiculous.

Spring is creeping in and I am loving it.

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Blueberries are looking good.

This is what one of the Arkansas Black apple trees looks like, now.  If I put up a photo of the other one, you couldn’t be sure it wasn’t the same tree so I’m not going to.

These are the more prolific blueberries.  Looks we’re finally getting fruit after 4 years.  I just found teh list I had made of the blueberry varieties when I put them in in 2009.  Coming up the fence from the shed, they are Bright Eyes (a gift from Ann), Delight, Misty, Climax, Misty, Bright Blue and Misty.

(Edit: Chuck reminded me that Bright Blue was wiped out by the mulch guy and replaced with another Misty.  Misty has very small berries.  I should have recognized it.)


And because who ever thought of potatoes blooming, here’s a picture.

Yukon Gold blossoms

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Blueberry harvest

This is it for this year.  All from one bush.

We started putting bushes in about 3 years ago.   We found a single variety (Misty) at Lowe’s and my friend, Ann, gave us another one for pollination purposes.  (And because she’s thoughtful like that.)  These came from the Ann bush (Bright Eyes variety).  It was already bigger than the one from Lowe’s when it got here, so, I expect it was older.

We have since added Bright Blue, Climax and Austin varieties to the row long the fence on the left side of the back yard.Whenever we order plants by mail and need to fill out an order, we get a blueberry bush.

The Bright Eyes is about hip height on me.  All the others are more like knee high.  I saw a website a couple of years ago that talked about the ages of bushes relative to when they produce, but I’m thinking that it is more size than age.


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I was curious to hear Randy speaking of a farm close to him that had kiwi fruit vines. I investigated and discovered arctic kiwi, which is more the size of a grape when it fruits and is eaten skin and all. They are extremely cold hardy (grown as far north as Canada) and appear to do well in sun or partial shade. They are supposed to taste like the big variety and draw butterflies and hummingbirds. Not sure about bees.

They came today by FedEx and are in the ground. They need to be supported like a grape vine and I decided to let them vine the fence.

I was “forced” to order two more blueberry bushes to meet the minimum order amount from the nursery. What a shame.

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