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In 2013, Marty gave us some black raspberry canes.  They have pretty much crowded out the wild blackberries that were growing at the edge of our treeline.

This year, I found yellow raspberries for sale at Lowe’s and I bought one.

I was digging up black raspberries to share with coworkers and mentioned that to my friend, Patti, who lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She had just been given some thornless raspberries by a Garden Club friend.  We arranged a trade.  Hers came to her from Vermont.  We assume they are red.

I am really hoping to have all 3 colors producing in a year or 2.

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Black Raspberries

Our friend, Marty, gave us some canes last year.  We thought they were blackberries.


Black raspberries.  Chuck found an article that clarifies the difference between blackberries and black raspberries.  It’s really hard to tell when they’re waiting to be picked.

And, oh my, they are tasty.  I’m amazed by how much fruit is already ripening.



Delight is still the only bush with ripe blueberries, ‘though the other 6 have bunches of fruit waiting their turn.

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I have had blueberries and black raspberries on my granola for 2 mornings.

The Delight variety of blueberries is ripening first and has large fruit.  It is the second bush from the end.

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