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The calla lilies are in bloom, again.

You should hear a bad Katherine Hepburn impression when you read that.

I have had callas in my flower bed since 2000 or 2001. I have always liked them and that year I found a pot of miniature pink callas for $5 at a grocery store.  When the blossoms were spent, I planted it in the flower bed.  Then, I promptly forgot about them.

The next year, something came up in the bed in a way that looked intentional, but I couldn’t remember what I had put there.  I left it alone, though, just in case it was something nice.  Which I expected it would be because, well, it did look like it was on purpose.  And when it bloomed, I  remembered!  Clever me.

I was a little surprised by the height, though.  I remembered them being smaller than that in the pot.

The next year, I expected them. To my puzzlement and surprise, they had become full sized callas.  Welcome to bonsai.  And what happens when you free them.

The next year, (or the year after, I really can’t remember) I moved.  And I transplanted my pink callas.


Since then, I have added some lavender bonsaied callas I found at another grocery, a purple “miniature” calla a friend gave from a hospital arrangement she was given, some Calypso bulbs and a white calla from another friend’s yard.

flame calla

The Calypso callas change color as the blossoms age, like Joseph’s coat roses do. Its starts sunny yellow and fades through orange and red to purple, then black before it dies.

On the other hand, the others seem to have all shifted to pink.   I don’t know if I have killed the purple and lavender through neglect, or if they are just morphing into a consistent color like the hydrangeas around here do.

I think this was originally lavender.

I think this was originally lavender.

I think this one was originally purple.

I think this one was originally purple.

I KNOW this was originally pink.

I KNOW this was originally pink.




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