Not dead yet.

Because I can never remember, I’m making a note here.  My chives have started to come up in their pot on the deck.

DSC05187Not ready to use, yet.  But, there are intimations of flavors to come.  And, in spite of the cold, the cilantro keeps on coming back.  The red sorrel is rallying, too.

DSC05190I’m used to the thymes, rosemary and sage making it through the winter.   I wasn’t sure about the cilantro and sorrel, since I haven’t grown them before.  And I can never remember when the chives revive.

I intend to plant dill, parsley and basil when it warms up.  But, I’ve only got so much space in the herb bed.    Basil has done well in the holes around the raised beds in the past.  I am inclined to do that again.  Dill and parsley are both biennials, so I need to choose a permanent place for them.  When I pass some cilantro plants along to friends, I may have room for both of them in the bed.


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