I have debated with myself about writing about flowers here.  But my hands get itchy in the Spring and I am more likely to plant something that blooms than something to eat.  And the 2 things aren’t mutually exclusive.

I have a row of roses down one side of our back fence and irises between the blueberry bushes on the other side.  Irises are also scattered around in some other places.

Usually, I plant plants and, occasionally, I plant seeds.  I haven’t always been successful with seeds, so I tend to prefer getting little pots of things already started.  But, zinnias and marigolds have been successful with seeds.  Cypress vine seeds a couple of years ago would have been more successful if I had remembered I’d planted them and not weeded most of them out.   However, I have put zinnia seeds over by the roses and shook marigold seeds there last Fall.  There are some Chinese Lantern seeds by the sunchoke bed and purple coneflower seeds planted at the end of the row nearest the Don Juan.

I get fretful waiting for things to bloom and made a spreadsheet to help me keep up.  Chuck thinks that a little obsessive, but it’s interesting to me to see how the weather affects my plants.  And it helps me keep from fretting when I want to see blooms a months before it’s reasonable.

That’s probably a fair warning.



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