Sweet potato project

I am experimenting with how I prefer to grow sweet potatoes, this year.

Putting them in the ground worked.  But, they weren’t as easy to harvest as the white potatoes are.  A couple of the big ones broke when I was digging them out.  So, I conclude that they aren’t as good a choice to plant in my NC clay as white potatoes.  Also, the bed I used is next to the fence where the Round-up happy neighbor lives and they vine.

Among the gardening catalogs that show up toward the end of every winter, Chuck spotted Potato Grow Bags from Gardeners Supply.  We we debated and pondered.  I, finally, decided that it was worth trying them on the deck where the vines can wander through the rails and they won’t be in a brick when it’s time to dig them out.

We got 2 of the 18″ X 18″ bags and it took a full yard of dirt to fill each one.  I put slips in the one on the left,


and half the potato with serious roots on the right.

rooted potato

In the ground, last year, I couldn’t tell if one way to start was better than the other.   This should allow me to decide.


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