Tending the orchard

Actually, we mostly haven’t.   And I have been reminded via a post by Chris Condello, that fruit trees don’t grow in vacuums and need tending.

So, I did  a search, found a useful article that appears to be very straightforward and am planting it here so I can retrieve it easily.

It is Training and Pruning Fruit Trees by the NC State Agricultural Extension Service.  Since we are in North Carolina, it makes sense that they would have information particularly useful to us.

We have Mark Shepard‘s Restoration Agriculture, read by Chuck but not by me, yet.  Apparently, peaches and plums don’t get the same treatment as pears and apples.  Time to read.



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3 responses to “Tending the orchard

  1. yes…i had that link saved on the old computer…good to have

  2. Reblogged this on seepurple and commented:
    So I can save a copy myself.

  3. reblogged, might be useful to others and myself one day.

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