Last year, Chuck learned that there are cold hardy kiwis and he ordered 2 from Willis Orchard Company.  

He used the fence for the support.  I already had a little cloned lilac from the National Phenology Network growing on the other side of the fence, but it was small and he didn’t notice it.  I hope they don’t argue with each other.

Arctic kiwi vines

The kiwis spent 2012 establishing roots.  They didn’t put out much new growth above ground, but there was enough to see that they were healthy.  This year, they are making vines.  So, next year we should have fruit.

We got one of each variety, but don’t remember which is which.  Looking at the Willis page, we may be able to tell from the fruit.



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2 responses to “Kiwis

  1. what zone are you in? that kiwi vine sounds interesting, do you happen to know the color of the flowers? I am zone 5/6. right on the border zone. they almost look like morning glories vines.

  2. We are in zone 7A, right in the middle of NC. Willis says “Grows in zones from 9b-4.” I have no clue about flower color, but I’ll post a picture next year when they finally show up.

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