Blueberry harvest

This is it for this year.  All from one bush.

We started putting bushes in about 3 years ago.   We found a single variety (Misty) at Lowe’s and my friend, Ann, gave us another one for pollination purposes.  (And because she’s thoughtful like that.)  These came from the Ann bush (Bright Eyes variety).  It was already bigger than the one from Lowe’s when it got here, so, I expect it was older.

We have since added Bright Blue, Climax and Austin varieties to the row long the fence on the left side of the back yard.Whenever we order plants by mail and need to fill out an order, we get a blueberry bush.

The Bright Eyes is about hip height on me.  All the others are more like knee high.  I saw a website a couple of years ago that talked about the ages of bushes relative to when they produce, but I’m thinking that it is more size than age.



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2 responses to “Blueberry harvest

  1. Kitty,

    Year from now remember this handful of blue berries. Meg and I picked 11 pounds of blue berries today at the Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm, yum….

  2. Ooooo! I think I should see them. 🙂

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