Homeless bees?

Found some wet cranky bees in the mulch this morning, below the bush where the swarm was last night.

Don’t know what that means.  Stormed hard all night here last night and the hives were not very active.  Rosamund’s old hive population looked about the same, so I am guessing it is the stragglers that we couldn’t entice into Frank’s box.  I don’t think Rosamund is in the pile.  Most of the swarm went eagerly into the box and were fanning the good vibes on top of it.

Hoping they go back to the old hive.  Anyway, they’ll have to work it out one way or the other.



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5 responses to “Homeless bees?

  1. Whoops! If they climb up into the bush instead of going back to the hive, we may need to see if we can get them in a box for Frank. 😕

  2. Anonymous

    Kitty, If you scoop them into a box I can try and get them tomorrow night… I’m so sorry I couldn’t see them last night 😦


  3. Frank…just checked them again and getting them in a box would not work. They are not happy. Only about half the number in the picture are left. They did not like me checking on them. We are hoping they get it sorted out out by tonight. Don’t fret. We did the best we could under the circumstances.


  4. Anonymous

    I wonder if the ones that still beneath the tree were the “grumpy” ones that *wouldn’t* go into the hive last night…

    I was going to wait until Saturday to see if the queen was laying but I’m thinking I might need to check and make sure I actually have a queen :-/

  5. I checked again after it started to rain here and there were only about 40-50 bees left. I feel quite certain you got the queen. Kitty put a makeshift box with a couple of waxed bars in it to see if that would coax them in. Didn’t look like it, but not sure. There was waggling going on this afternoon. We are hoping that was directional info about getting back to the old hive. In any case, they appear to have mostly moved on to somewhere else.

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