I ordered fifty root stock hazelnut bushes/trees from Mark Shepard about two months ago. I cannot remember where I found his link, but I think I stumbled upon the blog first. I came up with the idea to plant a hedge of hazelnuts around the outside of the labyrinth. I emailed Mark and he agreed that hedging is a great way to grow hazels and the project was on. My hazel sticks came this past Friday and I started getting them in the ground on Saturday. Most were planted Sunday through Tuesday. We have much quartz in our yard and it was not an easy task. I mulched them all yesterday.

It took 43 of them, planted four feet apart, to get around the labyrinth. The extra seven were planted in spare nursery pots as back-up in case some don’t make it. Any of the potted ones I don’t need I plan to give away to friends.

The big surprise was how quickly they they came to life. They came as sticks with varying degrees of root attached. I planted them in compost to give them a good head start and they responded wonderfully. Many started leafing out within 24 to 48 hours after they went into the ground.

They supposedly flower in early Spring, and though they are wind pollinated, Gunther Hauk says that bees use them to forage…win, win. Speaking of sticks. We also have Paw Paws. We started with one a couple of years ago and learned last year that a grove works best and so we bought four more. They are also doing well this Spring. All are well leafed out and are planted back in the trees where they do best.



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3 responses to “Hazels

  1. Chuck,
    Never heard of planting hazelnut bushes? Bet the bees will like them. Been seeing bees on our wild persimmon flowers this week, never even noticed them before. So have you had an orientation flight yet from your bees? My mother hive was bearding tonight. Hope they are not swarming…

  2. Hey Randy,
    The guy I got the hazels from indicated they can be trained to hedge. He has a maze of hazels at his farm in Wisconsin. One of our hives has been bearding a bit the last few days. We are figuring it is just the heat. Kitty open the extra vent holes to help air circulation.

  3. I had a couple of hazelnut trees many years ago, which I grew as trees, and which had huge crops of nuts every year. However, since the local squirrels would harvest them while still green, I got only a handful of nuts, windfalls! so much for my food hopes there. A hedge would have been much better, I think, if I’d had that kind of design going, because I could have netted it if I wanted any harvest. To net a 25 foot tree, alone, was a bit beyond my capabilities.

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