Just say “No”

I went to a mushroom workshop yesterday.  And the most important thing I learned is that I have enough on my plate.

With mushrooms, it’s kind of all or nothing.  You can get a $20 kit from the co-op and have a little thing going on in your kitchen.  Or you can invest some serious time into growing fungi on logs and in wood chips or straw and have some serious mycology happening.

I really didn’t see any place for some.

So, I have a log with spawn plugged in it and the knowledge that bees, fruit trees, vegetable beds, flowers, herbs and potential chickens is probably enough.

I expect I’ll get mushrooms a couple of times  a year for a couple of years and then I’ll be done.

Hopefully, there will be good mushrooms showing up at local farmers markets fairly soon.  The guys that did the workshop have a spot at Carrboro on Wednesdays, so that is a good start.



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4 responses to “Just say “No”

  1. Kitty,

    Just another time consuming deal. Better to go hiking and harvest wild ones, a lot less work and you don’t get more than you need.

  2. Knowing when you’ve taken on enough is the beginning of wisdom!! so the mushrooms will be a sometime thing, then? sounds like a plan.

  3. You do know I have no clue about wild mushrooms. :-/. I would love to learn but I am VERY intimidated.

  4. 🙂 I’m ok with letting other people be good at stuff I’m not.

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