Kale…not bees..okay, some bees

Sometimes you just have to let go. I knew the day was coming that I would need to move on from kale and make room for the summer stuff. The greens have been very successful and I was prideful. They went to flower, so I left them a bit longer to see if the bees…yes, there they are again…would like to work them a bit. Today was harvest day and none to soon. The Red Russian was starting to get a bit limp. Reminds me of Randy & Meg’s bumper sticker, “Eat More Kale”. Well we are.

This is what the bed looked like after the harvest. I have planted some summer squash and okra that I started in flats. Another lesson learned. Use better starting mixture in the flats. Got as many weeds as edible stuff. Going to start more seeds in the beds to make up for it.

Fava beans and peas are doing fine.

Was hoping to catch some of Kitty’s girls on the cherry tree, but…

they were too busy at the old watering hole.

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One response to “Kale…not bees..okay, some bees

  1. oo beeees lol I’m starting to feel a little like some crazy person 🙂

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