Seed packets for 2012

We picked up Sow True seed packets, today from Weaver Street Market.  I’m writing them here so I can keep up with the varieties.

Brussels Sprouts (Long Island Improved)
Eggplant (Long Purple)
Okra (Clemson Spineless)
Pea, Snap (Mammoth Melting Sugar)
Pepper, Sweet (Marconi Red)
Squash, Summer (Cocozelle Zucchini)
Squash, Winter (Spaghetti)

We already had some from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange:

Bean, Fava (Broad Windsor)
Broccoli (De Cicco)
Broccoli (Umpqua)
Cauliflower, Fall (Snowball, Self – Blanching)
Greens (Arugula)
Greens (Even’ Star Winter Arugula)
Kale (Lacinato/Dinosaur)
Lettuce, Romaine (Rouge d’Hiver / Winter Red)
Spinach (Bloomsdale)
Tomato (Cherokee Purple)
Tomato (German Johnson)

And  Burpee Organic:
Basil (Sweet)
Broccoli (DiCiccio)
Cantaloupe (Honey Rock)
Pea (Little Marvel)
Swiss Chard (Ruby Red)

And we have some Roma tomato seeds Chuck saved and fermented to give a try this year.

I expect the Sweet 100 grape tomatoes to volunteer in the side bed again, too.


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