March 2nd

Pretty much this is about what is growing in the beds right now…slow as usual.

Yes, Virginia, those are brussel sprouts. We have about four to five plants that finally started to sprout, thanks to Kitty encouraging my patience.

If the bees were here, they might be digging on the arugala flowers. Looks like our bee packages will be here before the end of this month.

Broccoli is doing fine, a little spindly but sweet and tasty.

Spinach is coming along slow but sure.

And of course the three types of kale have been very productive.



Filed under Arugula, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Kale, Spinach, Vegetables

2 responses to “March 2nd

  1. Chuck,

    Saw my first drone of the season at the hive today. We have been eating spinach that size for months, just keep picking it. One veggie I don’t care for at all is brussel sprouts, glad it is fruiting for you. See you this Sunday at Marty’s.

  2. I roast sprouts in coconut oil and they are one of our favs. Yep, see ya Sunday.

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