June 1st status

I said this was going to be a learning season, but there is still a slight twinge of disappointment with some of the plants so far. The lettuce & greens never did much and the Spring veggies, broc, cabbage & brussel sprouts, the same. I think a couple of things were involved with that. Don’t think we got the early stuff in the ground as soon as we should have and I think that more watering was needed than I anticipated with the raised beds. We got a 3-4 day stretch of rain a couple of weeks ago and the plants started making more progress.

Now I am watering every other evening unless we get rain.

The good news is the tomato bed is doing quite well, as there is fruit on almost all the plants so far.

Peas and okra are coming up nicely as well.

This little guy was helping me water last evening.

Kitty nursed a curry plant inside through the winter that she found at the Indian market in Cary. She finally moved it’s pot outside when it was looking sort of yellow, but it didn’t make it. Fortunately it came back as volunteer purslane.


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